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All Saints Parish Weddings

One of our Parish Spiritual Outreach Programs includes “Micro - Weddings”

At All Saints Parish we promote the sanctity of marriage. 

Our beautiful Parish grounds offer a picturesque background tapestry for your very special day.  Our preferred limit is 20-50 people per ceremony.   If you need to accommodate more than 50 people do not hesitate to discuss this with us. Very important to note that our Priest can only officiate to marrying members of our Church so please plan accordingly.

The Benefits of Micro Weddings at all Saints Parrish


The cost , the reduced planning stress and time, the quality time with your guests, the flexibility in planning, large parking lot, kitchen and tables in our spacious Parish Hall.

We ask that all Wedding Party attendees honor and respect our Church home during their stay with us. Proper respect, well manners and proper decorum are emphasized as our Lord is present.

Pick your date and time then feel free to contact us, or have your wedding planner contact us, on how we can best accommodate your schedule and be of service to you on your very special day.

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