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The Seven Sacraments

     The Church’s Ministry is based on Biblical truths and sacramental truths.  God’s Word is proclaimed regularly through study of the Scriptures and the teaching of the Christian Faith as Christians have always received it.  Two essential sacraments are celebrated regularly within the life of the Church – Baptism by which we are made Christians – and Holy Communion by which we are kept Christians.  Both derive from a proper understanding of the Scriptures and are gifts from Christ.  Both are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace.  By them God’s love is offered directly to us.  They convey gifts of  love – joy – peace – strength – wholeness and fulfillment.  All of which enable us to live the Christian life.


Baptism by which we become a Christian.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion or Eucharist by which we are nourished and fed on the life of Christ Himself.


Confirmation which strengthens us in the Christian life.


Absolution by which we are restored to our place within the Church when sin separates us from the Christian life. 


Marriage – by which some may be called by God to live the Christian life within marriage and the raising of children.


Unction – or the anointing of the sick and dying. 


Ordination – the means whereby men are called by God to share with Him in the priestly ministry of the Church.

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