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Meet Our Clergy


The Reverend

Jaime Torres

     Vicar of All Saints Anglican Church is the Reverend Father Jaime V. Torres.


     Father – a citizen of the United States came originally from Peru in the northwest of South America. His is a classically trained Priest – a graduate of a Seminary in Abancay, Peru with degrees in Theology & Philosophy. He is also a University graduate with a Ba in Education and a Ba in Social Science.

Ministry Experience:  

Parish Vicar   1995 – 1998     Abancay, Peru.

Pastor              1998 – 2007     Abancay,Peru 


Missionary Priest 2008 – 2010.    Mission to the High Andes, Peru

Pastor               2011 –2016         Brownsville, Texas

Assistant to the Incumbent  2016 – 2017.    All Saints , Tulsa

Assistant Priest           2017 – 2019    All Saints, Tulsa 

Vicar          2019 - to - the present   All Saints Tulsa


      Father’s wife Ada is currently a homemaker, attending English language classes and studying for her Citizens exam. Ada’s hobbies involve using her artistic hands to make all manner of items she especially enjoys sewing. Ada enthusiastically but quietly assists her husband in his parish outreach, she particularly loves children.


     Hillary is 8years old, she attends Jenks East Elementary School, she is a sweet natured shy little girl, who loves swimming, ballet and who is currently exploring gymnastics as her possible next venture. Hillary also loves babies and would like one day to be a baby doctor – or – work at MacDonald’s ☺


     The Torres Family are looking forward to growing the parish and they warmly practice inclusivity with their multi-national parishioners.

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